How will information be communicated to parents and players throughout the season?

With any plan there will always be updates and/or last minute changes.  DOVE’s primary source of communication will be via email and the DOVE website. Players/parents should regularly check the website and check your email for any last minute changes to practice schedules, tournament sites, etc.  Please let your Team Parent know if you will be unable to access email/website on a daily basis so you can make alternate arrangements for communication.


How long and frequent are practices?

All teams will practice a minimum of one and a half times a week, (one practice one week, two practices the next).  Prior approval must be obtained from the head coach for any missed practices.


How do tournaments “work”?

Typically tournaments require an entire day.  Do not plan any other activity or commitment for your daughter on tournament day.  Arrival at the tournament gym is usually 8am and the tournament may go as late as 9pm.  The team will play 4 to 6 matches (2-3 games per match) to determine whether it makes it out of pool play.  If the team does well enough it moves out of pool play.  At that time the team will play another 2 to 4 matches to determine the tournament.  In addition to playing in a tournament, all players will be participating in the other matches by calling lines, being a scorekeeper, or being an “up” or “down” referee.


How will the player learn how to officiate games (i.e. call lines, being a scorekeeper, up or down referee)?

Players are required to attend a referee clinic in order to learn these responsibilities.  DOVE will sponsor a clinic, in December; if unable to attend the player is responsible to find another clinic (via the Carolina Region Volleyball website) and attend that clinic to become certified.


How much playing time will my daughter have at the tournaments?

Playing time for each player in each tournament will vary. Playing time is based upon many factors including what particular match we are playing (pool play vs. final championship game), how each individual player is performing on tournament day, how the individual players play together as a team, player attitude, and how hard your daughter has worked at practice.  Your daughter may play every game of every match, a little of each game in each match, or some of part of the games in each match.  Your daughter’s playing time may change with each tournament.  Please respect the coach’s decision to play or not play your daughter.  Any questions you may have concerning this issue should be addressed to the coach at the appropriate time (See above “Questions for the Coach”).


What are parents responsible for?

It is essential that parents as well as players make a commitment to the team.  In addition to encouraging and supporting your daughter, the team and the coach, we must have the following from parents:

-Drivers - Parents must be able to help drive the team to a minimum of 3 tournaments (1 farther away-Charlotte/Asheville and 2 shorter distances-Raleigh/Chapel Hill). 

-Team Parent – each team must designate one parent volunteer that will be the liaison between the coach(s) and the parents for the entire season.  This responsibility will not rotate among parents but will be one person for the entire season.

-Team “Mom” – Each team must have a minimum of one “mom”/female at each tournament.  This person will need to stay at the tournament site the entire tournament. This responsibility will rotate for each tournament.

-Travel Coordinator - Each team will need a parent to coordinate the travel plans for each tournament.  He/she will make sure we have enough volunteers to transport the team and coach to and from the tournament site. He/she will communicate all necessary information (where and when to meet to leave for the tournament, make sure each parent has directions to tournament, determine if any players will be meeting us at the tournament site, who is team “mom”, etc.).  He/she will make sure all parents get the opportunity to assist in the driving equally.  For any overnight travel, this person will secure hotel accommodations and collect necessary funds from each player in advance.  This responsibility will not rotate among parents but will remain the same for the entire season. 


Are any fees refundable if my daughter decides she can no longer make the commitment to the team by attending practices and tournaments, etc?

Fees are non refundable.  The fee structure for DOVE was very carefully determined in order to cover the cost of gym rental fees, tournament fees, club/team/individual registration, equipment, uniforms, and coaches.  These cost commitments are fixed and are not minimized if a player decides to stop participating.  Therefore, fees are non refundable.


When is the best time to ask the coach a question?

The DOVE coaches are very interested in discussing your (daughter’s) playing abilities, skill level, and how she is improving with both you and your daughter.  However, it is very important that these discussions are done privately either before or after practice, or at an arranged meeting time or phone call.  Tournament days are NOT the time for these discussions since the coach will be focusing on the tournament and how his/her team should approach each game.